Day 1: Cusco – Paucartambo – Cloudy Forest – Bamboo Lodge.

The first day of our adventure in the jungle of Manu, we will pick you up around 6:00 AM from your hotel in Cusco, using the service of our private transportation. The first part of our tour will take us through the majestic Andean mountains, where we will have the opportunity to visit a beautiful lake called Hucarpay, a lagoon Alto Andina that boasts of variety of flora and fauna typical of the Andean mountains. Then, we will visit the village of Huancarani which contains the funerary towers of Ninamarca, a Pre-Inca cemetery of the Lupaca culture, which we will visit briefly on our way to Paucartambo, which is known as the folkloric capital of Cusco. In the face of modern times, this small colonial town has maintained its rich tradition for centuries. At noon we will arrive at the entrance of the Manu National Park and access to one of the most protected natural areas in South America. We will continue on our private transport, descending through a dense fog from which this section of the forest takes the name of Cloudy Forest. Eventually we will arrive at the home of the exotic Peruvian national bird: the Cock of the Rocks, where they meet with others of their type for a kind of social gathering that seems to be similar to a large procession. You will find that this rather amazing show is completed with an impressive collection of sounds and colors that can only be found in the jungle. For our first night, we will stay at the beautiful Bamboo Lodge, where we will arrive at approximately 5:00 PM.

Day 2: Bamboo Lodge – Bonanza Ecological Reserve.

This day we will leave after breakfast to the river port of Atalaya and during the course we will have a stop to appreciate varieties of crops and then to the viewpoint where we will appreciate the dense vegetation of the Amazon rainforest and the Alto Madre de Dios river, reaching Atalaya we will embark in our motorized boat destined to the natural thermal waters where we will bathe and also in the course we will be able to appreciate, beautiful landscapes, animals and infinity of birds at the rió river. We will arrive to Bonanza where we will have the trek in the forest for several hours to make a reconnaissance of the forest, we will camp in tents inside the forest.

Day 3: Bonanza Ecological Reserve – Manu Biosphere Reserve – Casa Machiguenga Hostel.

Continuing our adventure, we will now go to one of the main areas of the Manu National Park, the Tourist Zone. For the next 5 or 6 hours, depending on the water level of the river Manu, we will sail up the robust river in our boat. Because of the lack of civilization in this part of the jungle, it will be easier for us to notice the rich wildlife found here. Animals like capybaras, caimans, monkeys and with a little luck, perhaps we will see the great South American feline: the jaguar, which may be resting under the sun somewhere along the river. Then we will arrive to our private area in the jungle: Albergue Casa Machiguenga, where we will spend the next 3 nights. If there is enough time, we will enjoy a walk on a path near the camp site, while the guide will be explaining to the group information about the complicated Amazon forest.

Day 4: Manu Biosphere Reserve all day.

Today, very early, we will go to visit Pakitza, which is known as one of the first Biological Stations created to carry out scientific studies in the Manu. The Aguila Arpía or Pakitza, which is an expression Machiguenga, is still an unknown place for visitors, but one day will be visited after the tourist sites. We will walk through a complex system of paths where the forest exposes its natural beauty for us. Perhaps we will have the opportunity to see a group of monkeys Camarines, which are the smallest monkeys in the world. Later in the night, we will visit another system of roads, with a complete difference of characteristics than the first. The guide will explain to the group why the native plants of the area are used as traditional medicine .

Day 5: Manu Biosphere Reserve – Boca Manu.

This day we will visit a cocha or lake to which we will arrive walking through the forest.
Cocha Otorongo – “Jaguar Lake”, where we will have the opportunity to see more of the wild life of this place. We can meet groups of monkeys, especially with groups of chorous or common woolly monkeys. We will pay special attention to the vegetal life of the place, which will give us signs, noises of falling of your fruits and leaves which will indicate the presence of some animal or bird. After a relaxed lunch we will sail down the river to the town of Boca manu where we will spend the night in a hostel.

Day 6: Boca Manu – Bamboo Lodge.

Today we will begin our return trip through the Alto Madre de Dios River, will be 7 hours by boat and a couple of hours by bus until arriving at our hostel in Asunción.

Day 7: Bamboo Lodge – Cusco.

This day we will start our return trip to the city of cusco, first we will pass by the lek of the national bird of Peru, after this we will continue until cusco, arriving at this at 3pm approximately.



  • Ground transportation round trip.
  • Tourist boat.
  • Bilingual guide.
  • Camping equipment (Tents, mats, boots, lifejackets)
  • First aid kit.
  • Complete meals including typical meals.
  • Accommodation in hostels and camps.

Not Included

  • First Breakfast.
  • Last Supper.
  • Personal expenses.

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