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City tour in Cusco

1/2 Day Cathedral of Cusco - Koricancha - Sacsayhuaman - Qenqo - PucaPucara - Tambomachay


You definitelly don’t wanna miss this tour!,in this one you will see a  blend of the Inca and Colonial aquitecture and religious features meet beautifully in Cusco to give it its charm and character!
The stunning archaeological feats in building the famous Saqsayhuaman and other major Incan sites will astonish you. The stories of Pachacutec who was the initiator of many constructions here and in the Sacred Valley and so beloved by his people.

Important points


  • Adults USD 10

Tour duration:

  • Half day tour


  • All year

Turistic ticket (not incluided)

  • Boleto Turistico General (BTG) S/. 130 Peruvian Soles (available for 10 days)
  • Boleto Turistico Parcial (BTP) S/. 70 Peruvian Soles (available for 2 days)
  • Entrance fee (Cathedral and Qoricancha around S/.40.00 Peruvian Soles)

*Ask your travel agent

Schedules for the tour

  • 13:00 to 19:00 hours.



We are going to pick you up from your accommodation around 13:00 hours, after this we will visit the Cathedral of Cusco where you will see the stunning Barrochean art, with a mixture of Cusquenian paintings and the famous collections of Silver and Golden.

Our next stop is going to be in Qoricancha or The Temple of the Sun, it was the place dedicated to the Sun, also it was an astrologic observatory, now a days it owns an impressive collection of Canvas paintings.

Continue with our tour will go to the mountains where are located our next four archeaological places to visit, the first one will be Sacsayhuaman, (means ‘satisfied falcon’) this one is the most famous for its architecture, its gigantic stones make this place so impressive. Then we will stop in Q’enqo (means ‘zigzag’ or ‘labyrinth’) owns the most impressive carved rocks in the Cusco area. There are carvings everywhere, although some are a little indistinct: a llama, a condor and snakes have been identified. There are many zigzag channels on top of the rock, probably used for pouring sacrificial chicha (a local wine made from corn).  After this we will go to Puca Puraca (means Red fortress). This is a small site and although the name suggests that it was a fortress, it does not appear to have any defensive purpose.

And the last place to visit will be Tambomachay  the Temple to the Water. There are aqueducts, canals and cascades carved in stone, designed to channel water flowing from a nearby stream.

At the end of the tour, we will go back to Cusco City, arriving around 19:00 hours.



  • A professional guide, Bi-lingual Staff. (English, Spanish).
  • Turistic transportation.

Not Included

Not Included

  • Entrance fee (Cathedral and Qoricancha around S/.40.00 Peruvian Soles)
  • Boleto Turistico General (BTG) S/. 130 Peruvian Soles (available for 10 days) or
  • Boleto Turistico Parcial (BTP) S/. 70 Peruvian Soles (available for 2 days)
  • Turistic Ticket
  • Snacks, Water

We recommend to bring

  • Comfortable shoes or trainers
  • long pants
  • warm clothes
  • Rain jacket, (even if is dry season)
  • Camara
  • Sun block
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Drinking water
  • Light backpack
  • Hat and sun glasses


  • Adults USD 10

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